What do Boyzone have to say about LOVE?
Keith : " Love's when you spend your last penny to make your beloved happy. "
Shane : " Love isn't something you can explain. It's a very individual thing. "
Ronan : " Love's when you hear her voice and your knees go weak. "
Steve : " Love is something that comes from within. Like a friendship that becomes the most special thing in the world. "
Mikey : " Love is just a feeling you get. You can't eat or sleep and your heart beats faster. "

Are you romantic?

Choose your five favourite questions from the below :

" Love can tounchs any time and last for a lifetime. " --Celine Dion
" Love is live measles. We all have to go through it. " --Jerome K.Jerome
" Everyone finds true love in the end, no matter how hurt they've been in the post. " --Usher

" And after all, you're my wonderwall. " --Oasis

" I believe in love at first sight - it saves such a lot of time. "--Joke
" Tell me who you love and I'll tell you who you can. "--Proverb

" Love conquers everything - except poverty and a toothache. " --Mae West

" A life without love is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. " --Oscar Wilde
" You can reach love but you can't grab it. "--U2


Mostly purple: You've got a practical attitude to most things and that includes love. Sure, you fall in love like everyone else, but you accept that as a part of life.

Mostly red: You're hoplessly romantic and can't imagine not being in love. Try not to get so soppy about everything, you do need to get on with life too!

Mostly pink: You're cynical about love. You want people to think of you as being rational and reasonable, but sometimes you should just forget about everyone else and start eyeing up the person you fancy...