Pop stars always making eejits of themselves.If there's a chance to fashion a shameful secret they will.
Give us the opportunity and we'll tell you about it. In great detail, ha ha...


Spike "I was sitting in a restaurant with my mates tucking into a burger. I looked up, with tomato sauce running all down my chin, only to see loads of 911 fans with their faces stuck to the window, staring at me. Whoops!"
Lee "I am a hopeless romantic. I was out shopping with a girlfriend and she pointed to a ring in a jeweller's shop. I pretended I wasn't interested then I sneaked back to the shop and bought it for her. She was dead made up."
Jimmy "Once, on stage, we were in the middle of the limb bit when Spike accidentally kicked me in the privates. It hurt so much that when I'd sung my bit of The Journey I ran off stage to be sick. I couldn't help it, it hurt so much!"

Aaron Carter "I like to play tricks on Nick. One time I told him I had a special pressie for him and took him into a room to find it. It was funny though cos there was no pressie and I locked him in for more than an hour!"

All Saints-

Nic "I was meant to be taking a French exam at school in the States but instead Nat and I went round to our friends' house. Since it was hot we decided to jump into their outdoor pool with our clothes on. Then a policeman appeared - he'd been out patrolling the area for kids bunking off - and made us march back to school dripping wet with our hands on our heads!"
Shaznay "We're all huge South Park fans. We've bought all the videos, T-shirts, hats, you name it. Mel even has a giant stand-up cardboard character! It's getting a bit out of hand."

Lene "We were doing a show in Spain with a quarter of a million people watching us and we were running around doing crazy things. Claus tried a Kung Fu move, jumped up in the air and fell right off the stage. He was soooo embarrassed!"


Keavy "When we were little, Edele and I would take a magnifying glass out to play with us in the summertime. The sun would shine though the glass and melt the tarmac pavement then, once it had cooled a bit, we'd take hold of a corner and rip the tar off the road in sheets. Ooh, we were bold kids!"
Sinead "When I was 17 I was out for the night and I saw a guy with free passes for a club. He had a white limo so I cheekily asked for a lift for myself and my friends. Our co-passengers turned out to be a Michael Jackson impersonator, his two dancers and a monkey. Very strange."

Billie "Whenever I go abroad I take four cans of baked beans and a bag of potates because I can't stand the food. If I had my way I'd eat a jacket potato, beans and sausages for every meal!"

Damon "Blur are getting really into space travel. We're interested in making a charity record to raise funds for exploration. Dave and Alex reckon going to Mars is even more exciting than getting drunk!"


Ronan "I had a blue shirt on - one of those blue pilot shirts - one really hot day when I was in town shopping. Gradually big sweat patches appeared and I had to walk about with my arms by my side - I was desperate to go home and change!"
Keith "I was a champion hurler at school - but it could be a bit dangerous. One time someone hit me on the head with a hurling stick and I went to hospital. I had to stay in for three weeks when all I wanted to do was go bash the lad who hit me!"
Mikey "I'm learning the saxophone on the side. A while ago I was passing a music store and popped in to buy one. I bought my dad a banjo at the same time!"

Emilia "When I recorded the video for 'Big Big World' it was extremely hot - but I had to pretend to be freezing. In Noverember I had to pretend it was summer, but it was autmn, the sky was dark and I was shivering in summer clothers. Then as if by magic one giant butterfly came past and summer was saved - just!"


Rich "The first concert I went to was Bros (ginormous pretty-boy band of the late '80s). I was a huge fan. I thought the singer, Matt Goss, was the coolest and I used to wear Bros clothes - boots with Grolsch beer bottle tops on, a red blazer, and jeans. The jeans were supposed to be ripped but my mum would never allow me out like that!"
Scott "I don't think this is embarrassing but the others do! Whenever someone gives me a little teddy I'm always careful when I put it into my pocket. It has to be face up or else it will suffocate!"


Shirley "I'm totally addicted to Starbucks coffee. Sometimes I have to stop the tour bus in the middle of the day so I can run into one of their shops for some caffeine cos I can't stop shaking!"


Celena "We were staying in a hotel in portugal and decided to do a bit of investigating. There was a door on the side of our room and I rekoned it was a cupboard - until I opened the door, that is, and discovered it led to the poshest (empty) hotel suite you've ever seen! We had a look around then decided to stay, put our feet up and watch TV in complete comfort!"
Naima "One of my nicknames at school was the French word for drunck because one day me and some of the girls had some whisky. I went back into class pretty drunk because I couldn't handle alcohol at all so from then on that became my name!"

Jennifer Paige "My favourite thing in the world was a li'l old beat-up convertible car which I drove everywhere. I swore I'd never sell it but the day I signed my record deal the wing mirror fell off so I bought a new car. I've felt guilty about it ever since."

Kavana "I went on a trip to this boring lake once. There was nothing to do in the evenings so we all had a few drinks then decided it would be a laugh to go skinny-dipping. We nipped into the water and back out - very, very quickly cos the water was freezing and we sobered up quick!"

'N sync-

Lance "When we first got together we wore wacko clothers - they looked like a cross between Jesus Christ Superstar and Space 2003 - clubbers clothers but real ugly...Justin (butting in): In fact that look's probably in fashion now!"

Natalie Imbrugia "I'm a bit of a secret slob, a jeans and T-shirt kind of a girl and I'll do anything not to wear a dress. My manager would have to get the whip out to get me in a pair of heels these days!"

Robbie The Robster is having a new tattoo done on his back at the moment. It starts on his left shoulder and will grow over his back. Down his right arm is a fancy Maori warrior desigh. "it's gorgeous!" he wibbles, "I feel like it protects me!"

Spice Girl-

Emma "It's quite hard to keep up with who's who in the music biz. I once went up to rock band AC/DC and asked who they were. Turned out they's had, like, 14 hit albums - oops-a-daisy!"
Mel C "For Emma's birthday I nipped into the studio in secret to record a special version of the old song 'That's what friends are for'. She loved it - at least I think she did!"
Mel B "I once stole a pair of knickers from Marks & Spencer! I just slipped them into my bag then rushed out of the store - my heart was beating dead fast. I was so scared that I'll never do it again!"
Victoria "When I grew up my family lived in a haunted house - at least I think it was haunted! It was converted from an old school house and my mum reckoned she could see the bottom half of the teacher wandering around. We just thought she was mad."


Lisa "We were driving to a gig and stopped the van at a lay-by. H was being irritating so our manager told him to get out and close the back door behind him. Then was drove off! H looked very cold and a little worried! We drove around a bit before going back to find H like a block of ice. Oops!"


Brian "I sleepwalk. One night I got out of bed when I was still slepping and went downstairs in the hotel and started singing. Nicky came to find me and I shot him with my cap gun. I'd mislaid it earlier in the day and could only find it in my sleep!"
Shane "When I was six we had a pet pony called Jasper. One day I fed her, then she laid down and went to sleep - and so did I. My parents spent the rest of the day looking for me but because I was hidden behind Jasper they couldn't see me. It was pitch black by the time I woke up!"
Kian "I used to be a male stripper. I'd make up little poems about the girl whose party it was and then I'd go in, surprise her, and do a little strip routine. All good harmless fun.