Hard To Say I'm Sorry

Everybody needs a little time away
I heard her say
From each other
Even lovers need a holiday
Far away
From each other
Hold me now
It's hard for me to say I'm sorry
I just want to stay

Chorus :
After all that we're been through
I will make it up to you
I promise to
And after all that's been said and done
You're just the part of me
I can't let go

Couldn't stand to be kept away
Just for the day
From your body
Wouldn't wanna be swept away
Far away
From the one that I love

Hold me now
It's hard to say I'm sorry
I just want to know
Hold me now
I really want to tell you I'm sorry
I could never let you go


You're gonna be the lucky one
When we get there gonna jump in the air
No one'll see us 'cos there's nobody there
After all, you know we really don't care
Hold on, I'm gonna take you there