The last straw!

What really rattles RONAN's cage? What irritates, infuriates or annoys this charming man? Not much actually!

You're in the airport taxi queue when someone nabs the cab before you. Do you put them in their place?
If someone's in a rush and isn't rude, I'd understand. When I'm really late I ask if I can skip the check-in queue, so I know what it's like.

Bryan from the 'Life is on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and proclaims his band is crap. As a manager, do you bawl him out?
He wouldn't do that.

What if he said that they always mimed?
He would be telling lies - but he wouldn't say it. That would never happen. You can't get me, heh-heh!

Someone does an impression of you and it's not very good. Dose it get on your nerves?
Nah, you know what they say: imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I don't mind as long as the joke is funny - I don't want to be getting a name for bad jokes!

You find out your plumber is charging you at special, exorbitantly hogh, pop-star rates for fixing your toilet.
I wouldn't have that. I'd have a word with him then boot him off the job. Then I'd buy a book and fix it myself. I hate people who wind me up because of who I am.

Your wife wants to join you at your golf club. However, the rlues say women aren't allowed. What do you do?
I wouldn't leave Yvonne outside by any means. I'd only go where we were both welcome. But if I was with mates, I'd go in - it's just tradition and I'm not about to kick up a fuss.

You discover you hotel room is above the world's biggest party animal. How bad does it have to be before you go down and complain?
Nah, man, I'd would go down and join them. Absolutely. Unless I had to be up early next day. In which case i wouldn't complain, I'd just change my room.

An evil employee sells their story about you to the tabloids.
No one who has worked with me would be nasty enough to do that. It shows true colours, that one. Their friends and family would never trust them again, never mind me. It takes a really sleazy, low, nasty person to do that!

A writer claims youe son is named after your favourite tipple, Jack Daniel's.
Absolutely untrue! Yvonne's grandad was Jack. We've joked about it, though.

An interviewer keeps asking you surprise saucy questions on live TV.
I hate when interviewer wind you up - Telling you off-air you'll be speaking about one thing then asking about other things live on TV. ( Could Ro be getting hot under the collar? ) That can be really dangerous, but I'm lucky as it hasn't hapened - yet! (Humph!)

OK. What if you're whizzing along the country roads on your Harley and you find youself stuck behind a tractor travelling at 5mph.
That really gets to me. ( Hooray, he's annoyed! ) I hit the horn because I think they should pull over and let everyone pass. They farmers will send me hate mail now. Sorry!