My Life

From boyband phenomenon to solo success, Ronan tells us about his top ten moments...

1. When I was about nine or ten I won my first athletics medal at the Dunshaulan Athletics Club. I came from a pretty athletic family, we all loved football and my brother went to America on an athletics scholorship. That moment gave me a taste for success.

2. When I was about 13, I won the National Title in the 200m and  came third in the 800m. I remember feeling sick. I threw up by the side od the road from all the excitement. I still keep a box full of medals in the storeroom.

3. Not long after, I joined a band called Namaste. I was in the band a few monthe when we won 1000 bounce in a talent contest.

4. The next stop was Boyzone, which is one of the highlights of my life. Having hopes and dreams and not knowing where we were going or what we were doing. We were five lads in a van travelling around Ireland. It was unbelievable, we were so innocent. I never omagined I would get the gig with the band. I went in there thinking it'd be a laugh... three weeks later I was in.

5. The first big thing we did as a band, was the Smash Hits Tour. We'd never had a hit in England and suddenly we were Best New Tour Act. What an amazing time!

6. We always had a dream. I remember driving around in the van saying, " Imagine if we were on the cover of Smash Hits? " When we won the award it happened and there we were, on the cover. That was the next big achievement - our first cover. You never really believe it.

7.Then come tne number ones - the number one singles, the nomber one albums - but you never forget your first (Boyzone's Words) . It's an amazing feeling and we worked so hard. Most boybands or pop groups get their first No 1 with their first album but with us it was our second album. We worked so hard so we really, really appreciated it.

8.Getting married was the most amazing feeling ever. It's unbelieveable to find someone you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. It is a magical feeling. A beautiful, wonderful thing.

9. Then Jack come along and it was pure love. There is this other human being you've created, and it's the most proud feeling, All my emotions ran wild. When you walk in the door, afterbeing away, and he hugs you, there's no other feeling in the world. Every day is a new adventure with him.

10. Then came my solo career and I was so nervous. All eyes were on me and a lot was expected of me. Plus I'd had my own No1 single. When I succeeded it was like a weight off my shoulders. My first solo No1 ( When You Say Nothing At All ) is something I will never ever be able to forget.