In The Mail Sack With RONAN

Does Ronan get lonely without Boyzone? Is he handy with the hairdressing scissors? Find out as he faces your questions ...

You looked like you were having a great time at BBC Music Live and I thought you were brilliant. Do you miss the other your lads when you're on stage alone? - Emma Ward, Downham Market, Norfolk
Yeah , I had a brilliant time, though I do miss the guys when I'm alone, 'cos we've got the friendship and we have a laugh - it's a great craic. But I am enjoying the freedom of doing things on my own _ it's quite nice. It was scary when I first when on stage on my own 'cos it was new and fresh and all eyes were on me. I found it difficult.

How did you feel when Keith Allen said that your music was background music on Jo Whiley's TV show? I'd like to say that your music's fantastic. - Lisa Russell, Stoke-on-Trent
People say these things about boybands and pop all the time. I don't care what they say, but I thought I'd better put in me two penny's worth as I was there! Keith Allen thought he was being funny and cool, but at the end of the day he made an eedjit of himself. When someone knocks everything I stand for, I let them have it!

How and when did you and Yvonne know you were meant for each other? - Alex Forbes, Middlesex
We just did. It's difficult to explain. It's that feeling inside - you can't deny it. With me and Yvonne, it was a gradual thing, we were best friends for a long time before we got together. It was something that grew.

What's the best rollercoaster you've been on? - Juilie Thomson, Coalburn, Lanarkshire
I've been on a few good ones in America, but I'd have to say that the Pepsi Max one in Blackpool is the best.

Whenever we see you, your hair's on a totally different style. What can we expect to see next and what has Yvonne thought of your hairstyles? - Asia Malik, Dundee, Scotland
Yvonne likes all my hairstyles. I've got it short now and I'm sticking with that for a while. It's easy to manage - I get up in the morning and it looks like it is now, which is handy.

Is it true Boyzone are splitting up? - Ruth Ashworht, Blackpool
Not at all. We're hoping to do something together next year - we're talking about doing a tour at the end of the summer. We see each other all the time and always get together for nights out.

Please tell me the truth: do you smoke? - Janina Horning, Germany
No. I never have. I don't like it at all. I've got asthma, so any sort of smoke would choke me up.

What do you think of people comparing Nicky Westlife to you? Is it true that Nicky pretended to be you to get into a party, and then you could't get in? - Lisa Marie Cloake, Harrogate, N Yorks
No, I don't think that's true, but a lot of people say we're alike. We grew up in a similar area, so we have a simliar tone in our voices. It's flatteing really. Would I ever pretend to be him? No, sorry Nicky!

I 've been begging my mum to take me to Dublin for ages. Can you persuage her? - Jessica Moore, Haslemere, Surrey
Dublin is the most magical place in the world. Right now it's a very cosmopolitian city, with the coolest restaurants, bars and clubs in Europe. It's got a great vibe, especially in summer 'cos there are loads of beautiful parks to hang out in. You and your mum should come and check it out.

Do you believe in aliens or ghosts or anything? - Lisa orchard, Dmethwick
I keep an open mind about that sort of thing 'cos they'll haunt me if I don't believe!

Will Jack and Yvonne be touring with you? - Angela Rennie, Dumfries, Scotland
Yvonne and Jack will definitely be coming with me. Touring's a good time 'cos it's very relaxed. The last time I went to Asia, I spent two weeks there without them and it killed me. The hardest thing is if Jack changes while I'm away and I haven't been there to see it.

Do uoy still go to church? - Kathryn, Grimsby, Lincs
I don't go to Sunday mass every week, but i do say a little prayeer at home. I will wander into a church if i'm on my own.

Are uou into football? If so, which English football teams do you support? - Clare Wilkinson, Hydw, Cheshire
I like football, but I don't support a team. I played a little bit when I was younger, and keep an eye on what Ireland are up to and I'd watch them if they were in the World Cup.

I heard you were a hairdresser. Could you cut my hair? - Kate O'halloran, Dagenham
No, I was never a hairdresser. My mother used to run a hair salon and I'd sweep the floor, but I couldn't cut your hair - sorry!

How rich are you? - Kate, Essex
Very. That's a cheeky answer to a very cheeky question! (Laughing) No, I don't have that much money. What do I spend it on? Housey things and family things.

When you did When The Going Gets Tough on the Lottery show, Stephen forgot to sing a bit and you said something to him. What did you say? - Joanne Evans, Lincoln
I can't remember! We were just having a laugh. I'm always singing the wrong bits and the lads take the mickey out of me.

You've been an inspiration to many people. But if you could influence people to do something, what would it be? - Yeliz Hakki, London
It's very important to get a good education. I wasn't the most academic child, bit I wish I had been. I dropped out of school six months before my exams, but I was lucky enough to be in a pop band. That doesn't happen to everyone, so it's important to get good qualifications.

How important is it for you to sing live? - Ruth Bennett, Devon
Very important. I've been doing it since Love Me For The Reason, and it's something I've fought for. I think it's cool for a pop act to do it - when people go on about not being respected, they should try singing live. It separates the men from the boys!

I was in the front row at Wembley in December. How far back into the audience can you see? - Helena Cohen, Middlesex
About three-quarters of the way back. Usually when we do a show, we'll get the lights turned on so we can see everyone in the audience. I don't focas on anywhere in particular when I'm singing - I just look stright out and try to look around at evey angle.

What's the worst thing you did as a kid and did you ever get caught? - Nicola Weightman, Leicester
I broke the back window in my dad's car - it was one of those big, heated ones. It was quite a nerve-wracking time, because I got into a lot of trouble.

Who is making you laugh in the video for When You Say Nothing At All? - Jenni Cowley, Stockton
A little man called Billy P Phallon, who wrote a couple of books on Boyzone. He was hanging around,taking photos and we were having an in-joke. I often get people winding me up and making me laugh when I'm supposed to be serious - like in a photoshoot or filming a video. It always happens at the worst time. It's like when you're in church and you start laughing!

As your life is so tightly scheduled, do you ever feel like running away from it all? - Laura Brindle, Bishops Stortford, Herts
No. There are times when I get really exhausted and I feel like I'm so worn-out I need a break, but I don't ever feel like running away. I love what I do.

What's the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing? - Alison, Derbyshire
I think it's about $2,500 on a pair of leather trousers from Gucci. They're my favourites at the moment.

Do you see it as more of an achievement when you get number ones with Boyzone, with Westlife or as a solo artist? - Laura, Herts
On my own. I think it's a bigger challenge when you do things on your own. You don't have anyone else there to learn on and you put a lot of commitment into it, so when you get to number one it becomes more of an achievement.

If you could put a Boyzone moment into a time capsule, what would it be? - Emma Jones, Loughborough, Leics
There was one time we went to Euro Disney in Paris to open Space Mountain in the early days of the band. We were all very innocent and naive, but it was the flashest thing we'd ever done. I remember we were walking down the red carpet and we saw Elton John. We couldn't believe we were there, it was such a perfect day. We went on Space Mountain about 20 times and had a right laugh!