Ronan on his own

Music, telly, fatherhood. Does everything Ronan touch turn to gold?

When You Say Nothing At All is your first solo single. Were you nervous?
It was very nerve-wracking to be honest with you. It was weird to be so nervous about releasing a single after all this time. But I've reached such a high point with Boyzone that not to do the same with my solo single would mean I'd see it as a failure.

How did you get on at your recent appearance at the Fleadh? (Irish music festival in London)
It started off a bit dodgy because the sound went down during the first song which upset me, but the crowd soon got behind me and everything went brilliantly. It was weird though. I spent the whole time looking over my shoulder for support. I felt a bit naked to be honest! It's going to take a while to get used to.

You also sang a song about your mum called This Is Your Song.
Actually I wasn't going to perform it or release it at first, but then I really wanted people to hear it. It got a great reaction and that was a huge moment for me. I hope she was listening. I'm sure she was.

You're in the band, you've got a solo career, and you're a dad now. How do you manage to fit it all in?
It's difficult but a lot of fun. Yvonne and Jack are on the road with me, and it's so important that I can spend time with them. In fact, you might be able to hear Jack in the background there, kicking around!

Yeah I can! How is the little fella?
(Gushing) He's brilliant! He gets better and better every day! He's doing his own, new things all the time and developing his own little character. Every day he does something new! It just never fails to amaze me.

Back to Boyzone. Were you nervous for Stephen follewing his announcement that he's gay?
Yeah, it was a very difficult time for him and for the band. It's probably been the gutsiest thing he's ever done. But we were there for him and did whatever we could and just waited for the fans' reaction... and it was phenomenal.

He got a huge reception at Party In The Park.
Yeah it was magic, such a good feeling. I loved that show. It felt like another turning point for us, 'cause as far back as your eyes could see there were hands clapping and faces singing away.

There was another cool moment for you at that concert, wasn't there...
Yeah, the Westlife boys called me on stage and presented me with their gold disc for Swear It Again. That was really cool. It's a speacial time for us all. Louis, myself and the boys have worked really hard and it's amazing for them to start reaping the rewards already.

Was it complete surprise then?
Actually, I kind of knew that it was going to happen. It's usually me that plans things like that! Ha ha!

With their sucess and your own, you must feel like everything you touch turns to gold.
It's a great time, no doubt about that. It's very special, but I don't feel invincible or anything.

In a recent interview in Q magazine, Boyzone were portrayed as big drinkers who swear a lot. Is that the real you?
Anyone who knows us outside the band will have recognised us stright away. That is what we get up to. And yes, sadly enough, all the drinking and swearing stuff was true too.

The journalist wasn't so nice about you though was he?
Yeah, I came across as quite pompous. I'm not like that, as anyone who knows me well will tell you. I took it quite hard at first, but there we are. I hope no-one thinks of me that way.

You've also just been across to America to appear in a show called General Hospital.
Yeah, we didn't know the show that well because we don't get it over here, but it's huge in the US. We played a band who were performing in a bar and we did No Matter What and i did my single. It's going out some-time in August over there. I'm nor sure if we'll ever see it over here.

You're making a Boyzone film. Who's going to play you?
We are getting some young Irish actors in to play us, but we've got to go though all the auditions yet. But ideally I think there's a fella called Pitt, Brad Pitt is it? Ha ha ha!

How do you do that "Rrragghh" growly bit in all your songs?
Ha ha! It just happens, It's quite natural. People slag me off about it but I can't help it.

Do you sometimes feel like you're the oldest 22-year-old in the world?
(Laughs - luckily) Ah, definitely. I enjoy my life though. I've got quite a sensible head on me, but I try to have a good time too.